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Irish Camrose News

Dear Bridge Players,

Deep Throat just contacted me on the red phone to give me some Iriah Camrose Team News. Two friends of mine have been selected to play in place of Hugh McGann and Tom Hanlon (aka Kinder) (They can’t play in the Oxford leg of the competition).

Their names are Terry Walsh and Derek O’Gorman. I know both of these for years and I’m personally delighted with their selection.

I’ve enjoyed playing with Terry over many years and he is a truly creative player. As of last November, he has seen all 635 billion hands. Despite his fiery reputation at the table he is a true gent and past master of the apr├ęs bridge scene.

I first met Derek in Cork Bridge Club about 2o years ago. There was a picture of him with Hugh McGann on the wall (maybe it’s still there?) commemorating their high finish in the European pairs (year?).

Shortly after learning the game, I was playing rubber bridge in Cork with Geoff Roberts against Hugh and Kinder – needless to say, I was feeling the pressure but what’s the point trying to play if you can’t play against the best? Having said all that, we all had a few gallons onboard!

They ran rings around me, as you migh expect, but I remember Derek kibitzing me throughout and offering much-needed advise after each hand – what a gent!

Best of luck to the team!

Have a good game,

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