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Happy New Year

Dear Readers,

Firstly, I want to thank all of you this past year for coming in such numbers an so frequently. Many page loaders come from overseas – I hope you continue to drop by. Needless to say I have web stats on the site and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.
For stats I use an Irish company –

There are two reasons for being so slack bridge wise over the last two months – raising my two bunnies with my wonderful wife (lots of fun) and because of work (not always fun).

I find it hard to come up with material when I’m not in circulation. The good(?) news is that I’ll be returning to the tables on 17th Jan starting the CBAI mens pairs and teams. The womens equivalents are run over the same weekend. (Details on In the meantime I’ll be dropping in to BBO between now and then. (James_H is my username for those who don’t know – don’t forget to say hello)

Here is a situation that occurred a few months ago in the Regent’s Sean Stack League.
This was the trump suit…

(W) AQTxxx opposite (E) 9xx

I lead from the short hand and South played the King. Without breaking tempo, I played the trump Ten which scored and the contract came home.

I’m not looking for praise, I wan’t to alert you to defensive false card.

If you can trust my bidding(?), I had shown a 6 card suit so North should have figured out how to play holding Jxx in trumps.

Lets replay this suit this time you are South and hold the KJ of trumps – You should play the king and hope West does not give you credit and makes the same play as I did at the table.

Happy New Year to you all.

Have a good game,

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