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Lauria Versace NT System

Hi All,

Its no secret that L-V are my favourite team mates, they just havn’t answered my call yet.

L-V employ a nice 2C structure over NT however the system does not roll off the tongue like Stayman.

Their 2C responses start of giving broad brush strokes of the hand.

Later, responder may :

1) Ask for more info if the hand is in the slam zone

2) Show important features for reaching the best game

3) Sign off quickly in 3NT where you don’t want to give the defenders too much information.

Additional advantages:

– Opener plays all NT and suit contacts with the exception of clubs.

– Possible to identify a 4-4 minor slam where 6NT has no play.

-Despite the rigorous relays there is still scope for judgement in evaluation the hand within the context of the bidding.

I know there are many alternatives to Stayman than can pinpoint a Tens in key suit but they are either too complex or don’t obfuscate enough in the bidding.

About the L-V NT

– They open NT with 15-17 HCP.

– Then never have a 5cM. (with 15-17 and a 5cM, they open 1M and employ Gazilli [see an earlier post])

– Oceasionally they will open NT with 4M 5M 2x 2x where the minors are stopped.


The relay questions are:

1) Majors

2) Confirm Max/Min

3) Remaining shape

My write up (below) is not complete and is certainly not a definitive guide – It is my understanding based on viewgraph data available at my bidding database –

Have a good game,


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Robert IngramJanuary 16th, 2014 at 1:59 pm

Lauria Versace 1NT system
Interesting even for a weaker player like me.
In the sequence 1NT 3H you comment this shows two suited hand 5 plus-4 plus in the minors and invitational strength. Does that sequence not potentially commit the side to game if you are only showing the minor suits?
I would be grateful for enlightenment please

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