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Holmes Wilson

Dear Bridge Players,

The main teams event on the Irish bridge calendar takes place this Saturday and Sunday in the Radisson Hotel in Athlone. According to the CBAI website there are 74 teams.
It’s a swissed 3 session event – 5 rounds per session.

See the entry list here!

The reigning champs are Gay Keavney, Martin Jones, Adrian Thomas and Peter Goodman – the latter 3 being Welsh dragons. So, if you see them at the table, play your best game.
I would say they are a banker for a top 3 finish. However bankers reputations are fading fast.

In my view only 10% of teams have a chance of winning. That translates to 7/8 teams.

Due to the size of the field and early randomness, the big clashes generally occur in the latter matches of the 2nd session. After that you get teams lying in 7th to 14th spot being churned up to the top tables.

Aside from the bridge this a great competition from the social standpoint. Many will not get more than 4 hours sleep.

There is a notable absence of Hanlon – McGann I expect they are professionally enguaged.

See you there,


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