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Combining Long and Short suit trials

Dear Bridge Players,

Generally the requirements for a trial over a simple raise is when you have a 5 or 6 loser hand.

Typical examples are –

1 – 2

1♠ – 2♠

Over 1 – 2, I am going to suggest that you use

2♠ A relay to 2NT - The start of showing a short suit trial
2NT Relay
3♣ Short in Clubs
3 Short in Diamonds
3 Short in Spades

3 No interest, bad hand all round
4 Will accept all trials, Probable showing Max

2NT Help suit trial in Spades
3♣ Help suit trial in Clubs
3 Help suit trial in Diamonds
3 Barrage, To play, Extra length, not showing extra.

The same structure applies over 2♠ except 2nt is the relay showing a

Have a good game,

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