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Trials entry update

Paul Porteous has provided the official list. The schedule is due soon.

1. Mary Finn & Cian Holland, Anna Onishuk & Peter Clifford
2. Peter Pigot & Mark Moran, Terry Walsh & Derek O’Gorman, Ciaran Coyne & Donal MacAonghusa
3. John & Lucy Phelan, Jim Sexton & Jim Doyle
4. Teresa Rigney & Jill Kulchycky, Katherine Lennon & Kathleen Byrne
5. Diarmuid Reddan & Louise Mitchell, Bob & Maureen Pattinson
6. Brid Kirby & Gerri McMahon, Joan Kenny & Emer Joyce, Carol Ann Cummins & John Noonan
7. Willem Mevius, James Heneghan, Richard Boyd, Brian Sharkey, Norbert van Workoem & Marcin Rudzinski
8. Ranald Milne & B J O’Brien, Pat Barry & David Jackson, Another
9. Tom Hanlon & Hugh McGann, John Carroll & Tommy Garvey, Nick & Adam

Got a message from Eamon … fair play to man, he does not mince his words and not afraid to put his name to it.

Galligans View …

Those poor devils are going to spend two weekends bashing each other so that Team 2 can qualify to play against Team 9.

Galligans Team Analysis
Team 2 seems to have plenty of latent class in its ranks. I expect they will outlast the beatable Team 8 who will suffer some losses along the way.
Team 8 All capable players but their best bridge days are behind them although a rumour of a 5th younger and capable player exists as a possibility among their ranks.
Team 3. 2 regular partnerships who don’t lose many imps. However both these pairs will have a bad board in every match.
Team 1. Cian Holland a hardworking player who has some unused potential still. Peter Clifford a very steady thinking player. Anna Onishuk a fine player but likes the risk a little much for imps bridge. Mary Finn quietly competant. Could place 2nd.
Team 2. The class of the field anchored by the recent Galway individual winner. Favourites I expect.However I have reservations about the partnership work this team has done. It could be their undoing. They should use Obviously Pigot and Moran are a serious and capable partnership with plenty of exerience.
Team 4. An all female team. Jill and Theresa both played Camrose last year. Katherine Lennon has been a stalwart Wexford area player for many years. Kathleen Byrne I don’t know so well but this pair played for CBAI a few weeks ago in Malahide versus NIBU.
Mid table finish
Team 5 I am not making any comment about this team as I am afraid of Louise Mitchel.
Team 7 Backboned by the James Heneghan and another I think.This team can take some scalps but a few on the team severely overrate their bridge skills.
Team 6. Emer and Joan are doing the most work of any pair in Ireland at the moment. However is it good work? 30 failing putts is not good practice.
Brid Kirby has been a capable performer for many years. Gerri McMahon first came on my radar last year and seemed to survive pretty well. Went well in last years Camrose Trials for a long time. All these 4 players are BBO users. John Noonan and Carol Ann Cummins are a regular partnership of many years and are capable of inflicting damage when the wind is blowing well for them.

Team 4 to win …with several crushing wins.

Projected placings
1. Team 2
2. Team 1
3. Team 8
4. Team 3
5. Team 6
6-8 Teams 4 ,5 ,7

That should drive Team 7 on to greater effort.

No offence is intended here.
All estimations are based on teams published originally by Rabbit. An extra piece of class on Team 1 might help.

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