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What have the Italians got?

Most will agree that both the nation and the people have got it all – to much to mention here in the Rueful blog. The same applies to the Italian the game of bridge and I hope to plant some ideas in your mind as to what they do.

They have:

  • A successful history
  • A wealth of talented players with old/young masters bringing on talented youngsters
  • Building innovation on top of innovation (with regard to systems)
  • Professional approach
  • Big sponsors for top teams

Lets talk innovation:
Versace-Lauria employ 2D to show balanced hands (without a 5 card M) in the 18-19 HCP range. What does this achieve?
Both play natural minor opening meaning that they never have to show balanced hands greater than 15 HCP (as they play a strong NT). This frees up room for more accurate distribution showing. I.e. the auction 1m – 1x – 2nt is never natural.

1M – 2C is a relay for shape and points – For more on this, follow the link to David Collier on the right.

Gazzilli: The details are courtesy of Sudhir Aggarwal who published in Delhi Bridge Association Newsletter, Vol. 3 Issue 7 – December 2005

What have I Irish Got?

  • A team of 7 talented men (incl. the captain) who came 2nd to Italy in the ’06 Europeans
  • Professional approach
  • A sponsor

Not a bad start for the forthcoming Bermuda Bowl.

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