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Irish Trials News

Dear Bridge Player,

After much burrowing for information, I’ve come up with the following entry list for the Open Camrose Trials. This is not official as I’ve sourced the names from friends of friends of enemies of friends …

1. Pat Barry & David Jackson, Ranald Milne & B J O’Brien
2. John & Lucy Phelan, Jim Doyle & Jim Sexton
3. Cian Holland & Mary Finn, Anna Onishuk & Peter Clifford
4. Mark Moran & Peter Pigot, Terry Walsh & Derek O’Gorman, Ciaran Coyne & Donal MacAonghusa
5. Teresa Rigney & Jill Kulchycky, Katherine Lennon & Kathleen Byrne
6. Bob & Maureen Pattinson, Diarmuid Reddan & Louise Mitchell
7. Willem Mevius & Norbert van Workoem, Richard Boyd & Brian Sharkey
8. Joan Kenny & Emer Joyce, Brid Kirby & Gerri McMahon, Carol Ann Cummins & John Noonan
9. Tom Hanlon & Hugh McGann, John Carroll & Tommy Garvey, Nick & Adam

A Controversial View by Anonymous
“A mixed bag” is how one trials commentator put it. He went on to say that “Many players say they are entering for the practise. I don’t like this as a reason when it comes to representing your country. It implies that these players care less than those who have expectations of competing. The result of caring less is skewed results. If the IBU/CBAI had PROPERLY stratified competitions during the year there might be less incentive for players to use the Open Trials as a practise session. The IBU/CBAI have no incentive to change this as it means they collect more entry fees and they don’t have to go to the trouble of organising a better stratification system.”

End Bit
Teams 1 through 8 will fight it out over the weekends of 12 and 19th of September. Then the winner of the first 2 weekends have the pleasure of facing team 9 in the final on the 7th November.

You will also notice a changed lineup in the Open team playing in Beijing – the O’Briains taking the place of Nick and Adam.

Ciaran Coyne is the NPC of the Open team going to Beijing – We note he will be vieing to represent Ireland in the Camrose.

Have a good game,

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