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Irish Senior practise matches

Dear Bridge Player,

As you will see from my picture (top left) that I have a magnificent set of ears – What you may not know is that I put them to good use not only at the table but also when I’m sipping my sherry in the bar.

Last night I overheard that The Irish senior team (who qualified for Beijing) will be playing some practise matches on BBO over the next few weeks. The first is tomorrow starting about 8 PM (GMT).

Senior Lineup :
David Jackson – Pat Barry
Rex Anderson – Pat McDevitt

Their intended victims will be :
Terry (Bad Boy) Walsh – Peter (Good Boy) Goodman
Michael (Crazy Man) McDonagh – James (The Boy) Heneghan

Edit: A member of the public suggested the chalengers nicknames so I was happy to oblidge. I’m sure I’ll get others!

Not sure how the betting should go … But John Comyn will probably run a book on it.

I’ve no other details as of yet.

Have a good game,

Result: The Senior team handed out a comprenensive thrashing to the youth team.

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Eamon GalliganAugust 10th, 2008 at 2:11 pm

Who won the match … Oldies or Boys

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