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Rueful Hand

Dear Bridge Players,

I thought it was time to show you how my mistakes turn to gold sometimes…

Here is a hand from the club a few nights ago. As usual I was playing with the Hideous Hog but this time I was unlucky enough to be declared. The defenders were Karapet on my left and the Unlucky Expert on my left.

Here is the hand …

The bidding was simple transfer sequence followed by an invite to game.

P – (P) – 1NT – (P)

2D – (P) – 2H – (P)

2NT – (P) – 3NT Passed out.

Karapet lead the DT, UL following the 8. I played the H5 from dummy UL played low and I accidently droped the 2 from hand. I waited some time for Karapet to lead but he was just looking at me! Eventually I found out that I had won – Strange! I know from experience that when in luck you continue the same suit. West discarded a couple of black cards which later turned out to be spades.

I thought the Heart suit was setup so I decided to cash out my DK and run for home and enter dummy on the 3rd round of clubs. Surprisingly UL won and played another diamond followed by the SA. Then he said you had the rest.

For this 3NT + 1, I got all the matchpoints. I’m not really sure what happened at the other tables. I know the HH was very pleased with events. I went to the bar and rewarded myself with a sherry.

Have a good game,



AnonymousJuly 21st, 2008 at 4:54 pm

Strange hand, North and South both have the Ace of Diamonds and there is no Ace of Clubs

Rueful RabbitJuly 21st, 2008 at 7:54 pm

Hand corrcted, thanks Anonymous

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