The Rueful Rabbit — Down the rabbit hole…

Eamon’s hands 1 & 2

Hand 1

Great, a friendly lead … I hope I can keep west in lead for the remaining 31 boards in this match!


Unless hearts are 3-3 (very unlikely), you have a heart loser.
Our only obsticle is when trumps are not 3-2. If trumps are 5-0, you have no chance. So we must come up with a plan to discard a heard should the 4-1 trump break materialise.

The obvious source for a H discard is in clubs. To best use our 3 remaining entries to dummy, we should come to hand withthe DK and bang down the CA. After a diamond to the ace we’ll know about trumps. Ruff a club and playthe QD andgive the opponents there trump if they break 4-1.When trumps are 4-1,you will make your contract if clubs are 3-3 or the CK drops doubleton.

This only works less 50% of the time? Why now go for the best line?

Cash the DA and play a heart, if righty ruffs, he ruffs air! Later you re-enter dummy to lead another H up.

Agail this relies on a trump break no worse than 4-1

Hand 2

Again Mr.Friendly on lead – Has he backed us to win?

Win the HK, lead the CA and duck a diamond. This will establish the diamonds while keeping control of clubs. No return can hurt us now. When we cash the CK, we can ditch a spade and run for home.

Have a good game,

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